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The Camp Tax Reform Draft and the President's FY15 Budget

Apr 07, 2014
From the Tax Governance Institute

The Tax Governance Institute (TGI) recently held a panel discussion on the tax reform discussion draft released by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI), and the revenue proposals contained in President Obama’s 2015 budget.

Joining TGI Director Hank Gutman were Ray Beeman, House Ways and Means Committee tax counsel and special advisor for tax reform; Marty Sullivan, former Joint Committee on Taxation economist and chief economist at Tax Analysts; and Manal Corwin, former Treasury deputy assistant secretary for international tax policy, now national leader of international tax and principal in charge of international tax policy in KPMG’s Washington National Tax.

Chairman Camp released the draft not as an introduced bill but rather as an equivalent 979-page document intended to generate commentary. He said his plan would "fix America’s broken tax code by lowering tax rates while making the code simpler and fairer for families and job creators." As law, it would affect virtually all taxpayers and change the taxation of business income.

This TGI webcast executive summary examines the Camp discussion draft and President Obama's FY15 budget.